We provide onshore and offshore services.

We have a well-equipped service workshop where we service, maintain and certify gas detectors, breathing equipment and fire equipment.

Our service team also performs maintenance and repairs onshore and offshore.

You can download the service order form here for equipment to be serviced with us.


Service on gas detection equipment. Read more

Breathing Air

We perform repairs and periodic maintenance on multiple types of equipment from escape masks to compressors. We are an official Scott service center and training facility. Read more

Fire and Rescue

Vestteknikk checks and certifies fire protection equipment for the oil and gas industry, the central and local governments, shipping industry and the military.

We are experienced experts on the following equipment:

  • Handheld fire extinguisher
  • Fire hoses, breathing apparatus
  • Fixed fire extinguishing systems
  • Bauer compressors  

Fire Extinguishers: We repair, fill and do periodic maintenance on powder and CO2 extinguishers.

Vestteknikk is registered as competent business number 143 by the "Council for the maintenance of fire fighting equipment?. All of our service technicians have a "Green certificate of competence". This means that the person can perform all types of inspections and service on handheld fire extinguishers as specified in ISO 3910 onshore and offshore.

Fire hoses: Our service technicians checks and tests the pressure in fire hoses and steel pipes according to EN 671-3. The work-shop has equipment that can test the pressure on fire hoses offshore.

Fixed fire extinguishing systems: Vestteknikk is experienced at inspection and certification of fixed fire extinguishing systems:

Inergen, Argonite, CO2, Halo-tron, Water Fog, Dual Agent, Deluge.

We perform annual inspections and ten-year certifications of fire extinguishing systems, and can also provide analysis of the foam mixture in foam systems.


Contact Frode Sevdal if you have questions or need your fire and rescue equipment serviced.


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